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Medical Institute

The platform with partnership across network of hospitals, doctors, laboratories, health devices and other electronic health record providers, secures patient healthcare records in one place to improve diagnosis and treatments.

Consolidation of patients healthcare records shall lead to better treatment avoiding misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. It enables doctors to prevent, treat and cure conditions in effective way.


Enables them to have their health information spread over multiple systems, hospitals, networks and potentially countries in one place and share them with practitioner, insurance companies and employers through the platform. This shall bring in transparency and also result in better assessment and benefits in terms of cost.

Seek consultations for simple ailments online, claim for reimbursements from employers and insurance companies by sharing their healthcare information through the platform which shall reduce time and cost.

Verifier (Insurance Companies OR Employer)

Verifiable, immutable health record means that employers and insurance companies will spend less time and effort to process the claims based on the data shared to them by patients.

Help insurance companies to provide accurate premiums based on the patients health record. The claims to the employer and insurance companies are on the basis of health records of the patient endorsed and secured in the platform directly by medical professional. No possibility of fradulent and disputes in the claims made by patient.

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